Kingston DataTraveler 50 is Lightweight and compact. With this your digital files will carry wherever you want . With a 32 GB storage space , this pen drive makes enough storage for a lot of videos, songs, apps, photos and much more. It features a sleek metal casing, making it as stylish as it is sturdy. USB 3.1 Gen 1 connectivity, gives you faster read & writing speed.

Product Description
Carry your favorite songs with you wherever you go, store multiple apps and software, or use it to transfer digital files from your computer or laptop to another system – the Kingston DataTraveler 50 pen drive, with its ample storage space, lets you do all that and more.
Store Everything You Like

Whether you want to borrow the latest superhero movie from a friend, or store the photos you took on your vacation, or you want to share a new software with your peers, – this pen drive, with its 32 GB of storage space, makes room for almost all your digital files.

Sturdy and Lightweight Design

This pen drive features a metal casing, and that makes it quite sturdy. It has a compact, capless design, which is also lightweight, making it perfect for your on-the-go digital lifestyle.

USB 3.1 Connectivity

From heavy to light applications, transfer almost everything at a fast speed to and from your computer. It features USB 3.1 Gen 1 connectivity, ensuring quick and easy data transfer. Moreover, you can also use this pen drive on laptops and computers with USB 2.0 ports.